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PL TABLE is a very effective chemical calculator which reduces the complexity in chemistry. It is software comprising of complete periodic table forming the basics of chemistry, with all the elements listed in it. Those elements and their origin, importance, usage, etc are explained in the way that everyone can understand it, easily. Usually, the beginners in chemistry struggle to balance the chemical equations. It helps them balancing those equations, within a fraction of milliseconds. The students who want to convert Kelvin to centigrade scale of temperature or vice versa can do that here, quickly. PL TABLE is hence suitable for those who begin to study chemistry and also for those who carry their research in chemistry.

It allows users to add their own notes on each element. It also allows them to represent the data in various display formats like graphs, tables, etc. as they like. Metals and their properties are listed along with other features like oxidation degree calculation, automatic equation checking, etc. It is a simple application to download and install. PL Table also occupies very less memory.

Manoj Goel
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  • Automatic chemical equation balancing
  • Comprising all possible data types of elements
  • Allowing user defined properties and graphs
  • Easy to install and understand, user-friendly


  • Less coverage on Organic chemistry
  • Data to be represented on graphs are limited
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